Life is always full of surprises and while it’s good to have a plan, plans can change in a second so I’m trying to learn to be flexible and just go with the flow and accept what ever life throws at me. Everything is temporary and nothing is certain. The only thing I’m certain of is that I am Caoimhe! There’s only one Caoimhe Cassanova!

Just as I was settling into life at the Territory Manor in Mataranka, the metaphorical rug was pulled from under my feet. I got some news that I would be sent down to the HighWay Inn at Daly Waters, another 1.5hour drive into Northern Territory. This move came as quite a surprise. JANET! I DON’T WANNA GO!! (Janet is my old boss from Territory Manor.. and she’s great and I miss her). However, trying to live by my new mantra ‘go with the flow’.. I just accepted it and tried to fully enjoy my last few days in Mataranka. Goodbye Never Never Land!


During my 2 weeks in Territory Manor I instantly bonded with a little gem of a gal- my colleague and now partner in crime, Javi! She is my long-lost Chilean sista from another mista and probably the first person from another country I’ve met who gets the indescribable Irish phrase .. “oh sure look!”. My move to the High Way Inn wouldn’t be alone.. Javi was coming with me! She’s travel size so she packs up real tiny so I could fit her into my backpack ; ) Having worked mostly with other couples.. Dutch, Australian, Italian (a right old cocktail of nationalities).. I think they thought it wouldn’t be fair to split up this Irish-Chilean couple of beauties!




The HighWay Inn is located Daly Waters, on the corner of the Stuart High and Carpentaria high way.. in the middle of no where basically. It’s a petrol station/bar/restaurant/accommodation joint. Jobs here range from kitchen work, bar, shop, housekeeping and maintenance. When I arrived I thought I had landed back in Ireland, as half of the staff here are from the Emerald Isle. Sure look.. isn’t that grand! A fine bunch of lads!



I’ve been here almost one week now and oh how time flies! As my colleague puts it “the days are slow but the weeks fly by”, which is very true. Everybody here works really hard and there’s a good sense of community amongst the staff. I have taken up position behind the bar which is fine.. as I’m comfortable both sides of the bar and on top of the bar for that matter ; ) I’m learning the ropes slowly but surely. It’s blooooody hot up here too so I’m thankful for the air conditioning. Those working outside or in housekeeping have to battle with the heat, so RESPECT to them! The days are long.. but my longing for adventure keeps my spirits high. I try my best to keep a smile on my face, a song in my heart, a dance in my toes and an image in my head of me sitting on a beach in Bali, sippin on a baileys. This is just one tiny chapter in a an adventure book that hasn’t even been written yet!

Me and the biggest leaf I’ve ever seen, Colombia 


Living in the middle of nowhere there isn’t that much to do so I’ve decided I’m going to start this blog/journal/mush of thoughts, to keep this little noggin occupied. I’m also going to take up professional hammocking (this is the art of just sitting in a hammock and chillin like a Irish villain). I’d also like to learn how to play the most complicated of instruments, the triangle of course ; ) The next 3/4 months are going to be interesting.. so lets see what happens. With flights booked to Bali for Christmas, I’m going to work my little ass off so I can enjoy the fruits of my labour in the months to come. I hope Santa can find me there. Santa Baby.. I want a boat and a camper van. Oh and a compass.. I left my old in the centre of the avocado on my homepage.

Anyway, ciao for now little chickens. I’d best go buy a triangle!


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