Trying to get into the Christmas spirit is a little difficult when you’re living in a ridiculously hot and humid climate. Back home, the tinsel-filled excitement can start building as soon as the Halloween decorations come down. Early November?! Too soon lads in my opinion, but none the less- it happens! The lights go up, the hats and scarfs go on and the mulled wine and hot whiskeys go down… I love whiskey, I love whiskey down down it goes, down into my belly. The same happens in Australia.. the lights go on, the temperature goes up and the clothes come off. Bikinis and Christmas hats- did ya ever see the like?!

Suns out.. buns out 


Having finished up work in the outback I arrived in Darwin on the 3rd of December. Every time I walked into a shop or a bar and noticed Christmas decorations or lights I just felt like it was some sort of joke. At home my Dad used to put up Christmas lights on the front of our house every year. A couple of times out of pure Dad-forgetfulness,  these lights stayed up all year round- and on the odd occasion someone in the house would accidentally hit the switch on a glorious summers evening mid June and our house would be lit up like Santa’s grotto for the world to see. This is what it felt like in Darwin- that everyone’s Dad had pulled a classic Dave Cassidy stunt and accidentally forgotten to take their Christmas decorations down.

I lacked any excitement for the ‘Christmas’ I once knew. The only thing I was excited about was my trip to Bali. I don’t want to sound like a grinch, a humbug, a Christmas murderer- I’ve always loved Christmas.. but this year I was ready for something different. With 27 years experience in the Irish Christmas industry, I wanted to update my Christmas Curriculum Vitae.




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