Kaleø Kidnęy Bęan Baby Qüiche


This is a Kale and kidney bean Paleo Quiche (only Paleo if you use coconut oil instead of butter). I like to share recipes on my flog that are gluten free/dairy free/refined sugar free/vegan/vegetarian and pescartarian. Why? Because Jesus told me too! Hahaha. I know a lot of humans who have intolerances to certain food groups. It’s not a foodstyle choice on their part. One of my buddies is lactose intolerant- dairy is super mean to her! It hits her in the gut and she’s crippled with the pain. I want to feed my friends, not hurt them! Other humans I know have opted for vegetarian/vegan foodstyles, some have chosen to go gluten free. Others keep it oldschool and continue enjoy ‘cuisine á la mother’ served with big pint of milk. ‘Tis your choice (unless you have an intolerance obviously) If it hurts you, don’t eat it kiddo! You eat what’s right for you. My diet isn’t Paleo.. It’s more Caoimheo. My recipes might not be everyone’s cup of tea but at least if you fancy giving it a go or you get some inspiration to create your own dish- you won’t be held back by any intolerances/diet choices/foodstyles. It’s easy to make food- it can be a challenge to make it taste good, espcially when you’re not using conventional ingredients. I like taking traditional recipes and seeing where I can make some adjustments. Can I make a healthier equivalent that tastes just as good as the original? Sometimes yes, sometimes no.. but that’s all part of the fun I guess. I’m a food explorer with no final destination. It will be a lifelong voyage. I might get a boat.
So on a final unrelated note.. make some time for old people- they want to have the bants just as much as you do. You’ll be old too someday!


Crust (Makes 2 Baby Quiches)
Coconut Flour 100g
1 egg
2 Spoons melted coconut oil (4 if you want to go dairy free)
1 spoon melted butter
Chilli Powder
Salt & Pepper
Sprinkle of baking powder.

4 eggs
Kidney Beans
1 spoon of cream (Optional)
Grated cheese (Optional)
Salt & Pepper

  • Method
  • Preheat oven to 180/Gas Mark 6
  • In a large bowl, blend all crust ingredients. I found it easier to melt coconut oil and butter in the microwave first.
  • Bare in mind using coconut flour makes the mix a little more crumbly. If it’s too dry I’d add more butter/coconut oil. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t completely bind together in the bowl- you just want the mixture to stay connected when you start to line the ramekins.
  • Grease your two ramekins with coconut oil/butter then slowly start to build your crust case. This involves adding a little at a time, starting with the base and patting it down firmly so that it creates an even  layer on the bottom.
  • Then it’s time to build the walls. Again same method, add a little bit of the mixture to ramekin, gently and firmly join it to the base then begin to evenly press it to the sides until you reach the height of the ramekin. I would take it in sections.
  • In a separate bowl, add 4 eggs and stir. Add 1 spoon of cream(optional) and a sprinkle of sea salt and pepper.
  • Take some Kale leafs and add them accordingly to the ramekins. I tried to keep the leaves closest to the walls of the crust so as to keep space in the centre to pour in the egg mixture. Drop in some kidney beans into the centre of the leaves.
  • Pour in the egg mixture, divided evenly between the two. Top with some more kidney beans and sprinkle with some cheese (optional).
  • Pop them in the oven for about 15-20mins. (I forgot to time mine, so that’s a guess) I would check on them after 15.
  • The quiches will rise slightly. You can stick a knife in to check if they are are cooked the whole way through.
  • I left mine to cool for a few minutes, then attempted to take them out of the ramekins. Luckily, it worked this time. So just be warned they might break up if you try to remove them.

Caoimh’s Tips
~ Slow and steady wins the race. Just be firm and gentle when packing your ramekins. Then mixture can be crumbly, however you want to make sure it’s packed in tight otherwise the crust won’t stay together.
~ You could make a large version if you don’t have small ramekins. You may need to up the coconut flour to 120g and use more butter/oil. Also you’ll need more eggs to for your quiche filling.

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