Knead I say more about KNEAD I SAY MORE?

“IT’S NOW OR NEVER” 19/8/17

“It’s now or never” is a phrase that comes to mind when I decided to start saving for my trip to South America. I had a realisation that I am young and free and mad and still haven’t travelled and experienced much of planet earth. Why? Mainly because I have been trying to focus on my career for the last few years. The acting world is a tough place to crack and there is a lot of competition. You need to be there to get work basically. My second realisation was that I’m 27 years young… I have my entire life to act and perform. And sure I act the maggot most days anyway so that’s a life performance in itself! Vamos!!

Some of the old staff from Smock Alley Theatre 


Casa en el Agua, Colombia. 


April 5th 2017: loaded with my 15.5kg backpack and my fresh new Nike hightops (I was supposed to buy hiking boots.. oh well!) I set off from Dublin airport with my best friend aka Jazzy. 18 hours later we touched down in Catargena Colombia, this is where our adventure started. A beautiful country, rich in cuisine, culture and breathtaking scenery.. and of course, rich in rum! From Caribbean Islands, floating hostels, golden white beaches and tropical jungles.. Colombia did not disappoint! In fact, it still remains in the number one spot as my favourite country in South America. I would go back in a heart beat! It was here that my ‘travel family’ was born. My two beautiful girls, Gracey and Becky and of course Jazzy.. and always keeping the decorum, me- Mom.

El Cuatro Fantastico (Me, Jazzy, Becky, Grace)



Our journey continued into Ecuador, another country with a stunning landscapes and possibly the bluest lagoon I’ve ever seen.. ever! Bluer than my tear drops! Meeting new people has been a huge part of my experience so far. I have shared truly memorable moments with other humans along the way. Other backpackers, from all sides of the globe and kind natives, who were always more than willing to share their stories and customs and traditions. Action packed activities all along the way (I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie you see). From bungee jumps, to white water rafting and many many mountain treks, sometimes climbing to 4,600ft above sea level. At high altitudes oxygen levels are low- yet, appreciation and gratitude for the experience grows. From 2 to 4- then 4 to 8, my travel family extended and opened it’s arms to the best bunch of lads a gal could ask for. My little chickens! THATS A RATE DEAL INIT!

Lagoona 69, Ecuador


El Cuatro Fantastico & The Fagwas (Greg, Matt, Harry, Kyle)



From Ecuador to Peru. Climbing to the ancient ruins of Macchu Picchu was worth a few 20hour night busses, bumpy roads, diarrhoea, mosquitoes and not having clean clothes for sometimes up to a week! I would do it all over again, just to experience that indescribable moment when you reach the top of Macchu Picchu- after climbing nearly 2,000 steps in the dark. The sunrise was incredible!

Macchu Picchu, Peru. (A centre for Ants hahaha)


My time in South America finished in a wonderful country, Bolivia. This country is packed with unique landscapes, one of those being the Salt flats in Uyuni. Where we slept in an ice hostel (technically it’s made from salt, but I’ll let that one slide). Jaysus it was cold.. -27 degrees. We were joined by a lovely jubly troop of Ozzy kids and a wee Kiwi.. a bunch of sweeties! (Stick the kettle on I’ll be coming to visit down under). Blood was shed, tears were spilt and sadly I cried.. a lot with the departure of all my dear friends. One by one, my travel family got smaller and smaller. They grow up so fast! It was sad saying goodbye to all their little faces.. but it also made me reflect on the good times and all the mighty craic we had! With funds running low.. (kids are expensive, I wouldn’t advise it!) Mom here decided to take up a volunteer position in a hostel in La Paz to save a bit of money and extend my time in South America. All I can say was that it was WILD WILD WILD! I miss you all!! It was here I was joined by one of the Irish Wonders of The World.. Party Marty. He wasn’t here to take part, he was here to take over! It’s safe to say that the one week we spent together in Wild Rover was an absolute BLASHT! It was at this time that I had another realisation.. “Oh sure look.. I’m still 27.. why go home now?”. In the space of 24hours, I contacted a good friend living in Brisbane Australia, applied for a working/holiday visa and booked a flight to the land down under. Por que no?

Me and my mate Oz


After a 47hour journey: one stop over in Santiago Chile, one wine tasting and 5 airplane movies later I landed in Brisbane. After spending two glorious weeks with my friend Mairead.. it was time to find a job and save up some more magic beans to fund my exploration. I flew from Brisbane to Darwin in Northern Territory Australia on possibly one of the most entertaining flights of my life. I was sat next to the best couple in the world. We had.. a few… drinks and a right old laugh. Even Bunny made an appearance! So Bunny was born behind the bar in La Paz.. and don’t ask me how but somehow bunny was one of the only things I didn’t manage to lose! They are my lucky ears.. and sure look.. they’re coming with me! From Darwin I took a 6.5hour bus into the outback- where I landed in Mataranka and started work on the 13th of August in Territory Manor Caravan Park.




Bunny gets around! 


Bitter Springs Mataranka , 2km from Territory Manor 



I will work here for 3/4 months and save up some money to continue on my adventures. I hope to be in Bali, Indonesia for Christmas and New years then fly back to Melbourne. From there I will pack up my now, 20kg backpack and set off exploring Oz.

Excited to see what happens here in Mataranka over the next few months… Stay tuned to see what I’m DIDGERIDOO-ing.